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About the Appeal

Overview in 2012

Janet Bell, Director, explains why we are making this appeal:

Janet Bell, Director"We need to raise £500,000 to secure Glastonbury Abbey's ruins for future generations.

The Abbey has been here for hundreds of years and we want it to remain for hundreds more to come. But much will be lost or irreparably damaged if we don't take action now.

We are asking for everyone living and working in Somerset to donate a pound to protect this unique piece of history for our descendants.

A single pound buys very little these days but for £500,000 we can conserve the Abbey so it remains part of Somerset's future.

We know we are living in difficult economic times, which is why we are only asking for donations of one pound - less than a loaf of bread or two litres of milk.

We want to recognise everyone who gives us one pound or several pounds and all donors' names will be recorded on an online wall so we will know who to thank when the Abbey's future is secured.

And for those who give £25 or more we will have a book in which names will be recorded. This will be kept in the museum for all visitors to see too.

We are also planning events to raise money and applying for grants.

We look forward to working with you to achieve this goal."

John Brendon, chairman of the Abbey's Trustees, said:

John Brendon. chairman of the Abbey Trustees"The Abbey has been a central part of Somerset for more than 1,000 years. One of our key objectives as trustees is to make sure it is here for future generations too.

We have recently revealed the exciting news that further studies of material from excavations at the Abbey in the last century provide the earliest archaeological evidence of Saxon glass-making in Britain.

Further evidence, if it was required, of the importance of the Abbey both to Somerset and to the country.

This is why we are turning to the people of Somerset, and further afield, to help us continue our major programme of conservation of the ruins and protect them for the generations to come.

The trustees have given this project their backing and will be working to generate funding for this exciting work, which will also include initiatives to improve the experience for visitors. We hope you will be keen to help us and the Abbey as it once helped our ancestors."